It’s alarming how people turn back to bite the same fingers they fed from. They turn against the same breasts that served them milk. Well let’s start from the very beginning. I would tell a story about a man whose love for his clan brought him enmity and hatred from the same people he cared for.

Our beloved man was sweet, He had a heart of gold, His tongue knew not lies, His love for brotherhood was stronger than diamond. As a matter of fact, he was an angel in form of flesh and blood. He was a gift to his clan.

 Our beloved man was tough, For someone who was born into poverty, he knew what hardship meant. He knew what it was to eat once a day not knowing when the next meal will arrive. He knew what it meant to clean a poo pit for the smallest available penny. Many more difficult situations he encountered but his love for brotherhood never staggered nor crumbled.

 Our beloved man was kind, He was well acquainted with suffering but he never wanted the same for them. He embarked on a mission to salvage his kinfolks from poverty. He halted all pleasures of life just for the prize of comfort for his clan. At the end, he will be seen as a hero. It indeed paid off, for life became more decent for them. The night became bright in their eyes.

Our beloved man was bitter, He had given his life for these ingrates, he had forsaken pleasure for these wolves and in return they had pounced upon his innocent heart. Curses they rained on him as they filled his face with spittle. His kindness had paid off indeed. The day became dark in his eyes.

Our beloved man was persistent, He didn’t have to give up. He was hated, ridiculed, ostracized and embarrassed, but all these didn’t matter. He still had a prize in mind and only at the end will they come to see the hero he was. After all, the end always justifies the beginning.

 Our beloved man, asked me to say this ‘it is good to be good’.

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