The change makers

Do you want to change the world? But, You don’t know where to start, right?

You are not alone. Most, are in the same situation.

We are not to remain in one place, just wishing or day dreaming for things that might be.

For us to be the change we want to be either in our family, society or even for ourselves. We need to start somewhere being the change makers.

One of the problems we face is that we are waiting for one big idea or that special time to start, but there is no special time.

Changing the world involves starting to solve the small problems around you. It can be to solve that waste management problem in your street. It also involves developing ourselves personally by taking leadership courses and sharpening and learning new skills knowing fully well that we weren’t created for ourselves alone, that people around us are waiting for us.

It involves us stepping out of our comfort zones and doing the things that scares us.

Remember, there are millions of opportunities around us that aren’t there for youths back then.

So start somewhere to change the world around you, when you do and I do, then the next person do. Changing the world will be possible.

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