My big mouth

My big mouth

Those Nepa people disconnected our light and unlike before we did nothing, unknown to them we were just waiting for them to LEAVE so we will get the electricians to connect it back.

Towards evening, my cousin was sent to call one of the electricians. Sadly while crossing the road, GBAM! a speeding okada knocked him down. With our apartment facing towards the road, I along with my family had no choice but to witness it all.

We stood at our balcony, transfixed, it felt like we were watching those nollywood movies. People were shouting and most were not offering any help.

Amidst chaos my cousin was rushed to the hospital.
Then it dawned on us.
Mum ran out, obviously , to know where they were taking him. I had never seen her panick.

Dad had travelled a day earlier

I never thought something bad could happen to me or anyone related to me.
I was very young then
I did not know what came over me, I snapped. I became angry not at myself but at the situation.
I was angry at Satan

Sniffling but all the same furious I blurted out

“Satan if you are not afraid come out ”

People were living above and below us , my voice was loud and they would have heard every bit of my childish outburst.

Such impetus…

“Satan if you are not afraid, COME OUT here now! ”

My sister and brother who were five and six years then, stared at me like I was crazy or even possessed.
Even now, I wonder if I was crazy. What if satan had listened and said “what the heck! ” and materialized in front of me, what would I have done?

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