Salon gossip

“You better marry Good husband ooo!” Madam said turning to her apprentice, Just as the young woman with a child strapped on her back left the salon, where we are.

” That woman’s husband no dey gree at all, na so them dey argue last night; no one fit sleep for them ” she said while filing her finger nails.

Her apprentice, busy braiding my hair said  “I hear say, he even dey beat am”

“Ouch!” I complained when she drew my braid tighter

“I for say, I no dey see the woman and her husband again enjoying for Mama chinedu’s restaurant” the madam continued.

“Me I no fit take am, I for done pack be that” she said applying blood red nail polish on her nails.

I waited for a second, then stole a glance at her.
To confirm if the bruises she had stamped on one side of her face was for real, she had tried covering them with makeup

I turned back and my eyes collided with that of the apprentice’s on the wall mirror, our eyes held silent questions.

We all knew that the madam’s husband is a known wife beater.


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