God favours whom he choses

God favours whom he choses

It was a bright Saturday morning and I was just preparing for my morning exercise, I do this everyday because I thought I needed to keep fit for the ladies. I was just done wiping my trainers and was about to set off when I saw him, a little boy of about seven years with a rusted blue tray filled with groundnut. From what I saw, he was setting out for his daily business. I made to ignore him and continue with my exercise, then I thought to myself ‘for God’s sake the time was just 06:23. It was obviously too early for this little boy to hawk the street’. I decided to speak to him, to know why he had to be up so early hawking ground nuts.
With eyes filled with tears and lips torn from the harsh weather, he told me his story. His father had died before he was born and he had lost his mum two years ago. Since then, he had lived with his aunty who accepted to take care of him after his mum’s death. He told me how she had been nice to him when his mum was alive and how she became a monster after his mum gave up the ghost. He had thought life would be fun in her hands-for God’s sake she was his favourite aunty but reality dawned on him the day he came to live with her.
He told me how hawking had become his daily routine and how watching other children go to school everyday made him cry. She promised him a good life but all he got was disappointments. He told me of how he had to lie to his grand parents to cover up the fact that all he does now is hawk the streets when all her kids went to good schools. I felt speechless, How could life be this cruel? For all I know, this little boy didn’t deserve any of these. He had done nothing wrong but misfortune had befallen him in this wicked manner. I thought of a way to help but decided to let him go after buying all the groundnuts in his tray. Of cause I knew it wasn’t enough, but I also knew his life was none of my business and I just had to keep my opinion to myself.
I stood still watching the little boy leave my sight, overjoyed that he would at least have a day to rest and play like his fellow kids. I felt like I should have done more for him but I just didn’t know what to do. I had rendered the little help I could, though am not too spiritual but I will also remember him in prayers whenever I have the time to pray because for now I had to return back to my morning exercise. I looked at the time and shit… It was 07:29. I just remembered I needed to go see one of my girlfriends, I was going to have fun when my little friend endured so much suffering. I looked up to the sky and thanked God for this undeserved favour.

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Education in Nigeria- Practical knowledge, the key to employability

Education in Nigeria- Practical knowledge, the key to employability

Schooling in my country Nigeria is like theoretically teaching a young girl to cook but in actual sense never letting her into kitchen. Its like telling an archer to aim with one eye closed without actually letting him test his newly learnt skill. I have heard people say that they tend to assimilate what they see and practice better than things they merely hear. A young girl who has just learnt culinary skills would eventually turn things upside down in the kitchen if she isn’t allowed to practice often. In the same way, an archer who doesn’t practice may not be able to get even a single arrow on target.
Education over here has taught students the basics of what they need to know, but does it just end there?. I can imagine a computer scientist who can barely write a few lines of codes correctly or an electrical engineer who can properly fix a switch or even an anatomist who can barely identify five bones in the human body. What they do is fill us with theoretical knowledge when in actual sense we cannot do without the practical aspect of what we know. Most students who are really ready to learn then seek practical knowledge elsewhere thereby attracting extra monetary charges in some cases.
Looking at some developed countries, we get to see that practicals are highly valued because without them, we cannot properly execute what we know, or better still, without practicals, we know virtually nothing. In the European world and even in some developed African countries, you get to see everything in action, you get to touch the radial nerve for medical students, you get to see the heart pumping for physiologists, you get to see micro-organisms swimming in their flora for microbiologists. These are the things we really need if we must make a future out of our courses of study.
I am a physiologist and in my school for instance, we were shown a machine called kymograph, but we never saw it functioning, we were taught physiological solutions, but we never saw them in action, we were taught cardiovascular physiology but all through, we had to depend on the blur images we had in our text books. As a physiologist, I can barely operate any physiological equipment just because I was not allowed to touch them while in school. Most times, we are restricted from using laboratory equipment because they claimed we would spoil them. What is then the essence of keeping those equipments there if we won’t be allowed to touch them?.
I have left school as a physiologist, but I feel like I wasted four years of my life because all I remember are few things I read from my text book. I could have gotten those text books and read at home if I wanted to but I went to school thinking it would give me an upper hand in the society. I have just succeeded in graduating but yet am not fit for employment because I still know nothing. After four years of my life in the university, I still have to embark on further training to really acquire the knowledge I went to school for.
Practical knowledge still remains the key to employability.

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There laid him,

On a diamond-shaped coffin, custom made for him.
Even at death he is still tall.

Around the coffin, stood mourners,
among them were family, friends, ex-friends…frenemies.

The ones that could still cry, intermittently wipe their eyes.

It was like a dream.

They all had this, ‘I-know-this-boy-it-can’t-be-true’ Shocked kind of look.

Then it started… Muffled words, whose speakers are afraid
Yet, there are ones spoken so brazenly that it pierces the silence of the funeral parlor

“That boy! He was just so good with children”

“The other day he let me have his seat”

“He was a hardworking young man”

On and on it went.
All these they said, as if to pat their conscience
As if to stake a claim that they knew him on a personal basis.
As if to show that they cared.

Those words would have kept him…you know, had he heard.
Instead it was hoarded like they were high price goods.

But they were quick to point out his flaws
No one cared, even to ask him a “how are you”
And when he pulled a long face
They would say, ” let him be! he is in one of his moods”
Well those moods killed him!

As if in protest, a cry from among the mourners tore the silence;
Daring anyone to question its sincerity.

The dead turned on his coffin, face contorted in disgust
” Hypocrites”


– Nwaku chidimma

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My Newest Crush!

My Newest Crush!


We got talking in the bus, obviously that was just what he wanted or maybe… something more. I just had to act like I didn’t notice him while keeping that smile on my face. He had scanned the faces of other passengers and found me worthy of keeping him out of boredom till we got to our destination so he took a seat beside me.

Of cause I nailed the well built fair guy, so while we drew close to going our separate ways he says ‘Let me drop you off at your street, my driver would be coming’, an offer I pretended not to want because he looked so cute trying to persuade me.

Quite weird the driver is a lady with hair tucked into an obviously large face cap, I ignore her and I am seated at the back seat with him when he persuades me again for my number.

Of cause I had given him my number just before i got to my street and as I stepped out the car to say ‘It was nice meeting you handsome’ he leans over and within seconds her cap is off as he kisses her, ‘I decided to come get you myself’ the lady says in between the kisses of my new crush lips.

As they broke the kiss lock and key my eyes are fixed on this lady as I just realized how beautiful she is. ‘you know I am married right’ he said proudly displaying the ring on his finger which I never noticed before now. ‘now meet my wife’.Hmm I couldn’t pretend to be happy, i just had to walked away.

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It’s alarming how people turn back to bite the same fingers they fed from. They turn against the same breasts that served them milk. Well let’s start from the very beginning. I would tell a story about a man whose love for his clan brought him enmity and hatred from the same people he cared for.

Our beloved man was sweet, He had a heart of gold, His tongue knew not lies, His love for brotherhood was stronger than diamond. As a matter of fact, he was an angel in form of flesh and blood. He was a gift to his clan.

 Our beloved man was tough, For someone who was born into poverty, he knew what hardship meant. He knew what it was to eat once a day not knowing when the next meal will arrive. He knew what it meant to clean a poo pit for the smallest available penny. Many more difficult situations he encountered but his love for brotherhood never staggered nor crumbled.

 Our beloved man was kind, He was well acquainted with suffering but he never wanted the same for them. He embarked on a mission to salvage his kinfolks from poverty. He halted all pleasures of life just for the prize of comfort for his clan. At the end, he will be seen as a hero. It indeed paid off, for life became more decent for them. The night became bright in their eyes.

Our beloved man was bitter, He had given his life for these ingrates, he had forsaken pleasure for these wolves and in return they had pounced upon his innocent heart. Curses they rained on him as they filled his face with spittle. His kindness had paid off indeed. The day became dark in his eyes.

Our beloved man was persistent, He didn’t have to give up. He was hated, ridiculed, ostracized and embarrassed, but all these didn’t matter. He still had a prize in mind and only at the end will they come to see the hero he was. After all, the end always justifies the beginning.

 Our beloved man, asked me to say this ‘it is good to be good’.

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TRoUBle SeeKerS.

With power they cause conflict as sand is initiated to evacuate water from its harbor ,
They create specie forming creatures with dreaded look as they excitedly experiment on things that should never be tampered with.
The earth is fed-up as it has been laid waste, belittled to a rubbish carrier, no more is it a source of life.

But did we hear on that day the land opened it’s mouth, swallowing people as it screamed ‘ I am not made for trash?’
Do we know the day when our man made monsters will demand a place over humanity in cruelty?
Will we listen when the waters will return in full force to take its place drowning whatever stands in it’s way?
As much as we are survivors let us not be trouble seekers interfering with nature.

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Once Upon my love

Once Upon my love

Once upon a time, I fell in love,
How sweet was the feeling of being loved,
Indeed she treated me like a King whose kingdom possessed the purest of diamonds.
Our sweet love was never going to end I said to myself,
We are always and forever, she said to herself.
I called her my Princess, She called me her prince,
I called her my queen, She called me her King.
And our love grew as time flew.

Days turned to months and months to years, Yet we persisted,
We had learnt to live with the wagging tongues around,
After all they never wanted us to be,
Our love kept on but the bonds were loosening,
What was wrong with us?
Was I becoming boring or was I loving her less?
Was she falling out of love with me?
And our love weakened as time flew.

My bones felt weak, my heart ached, I wasn’t gonna let this love die,
We still shared love but boredom crept in.
We began to spend less time together,
We spoke less on phone and quarrelled often,
Our love was beginning to fall apart but only one thing held us together.
I hope it holds us together for eternity.
We are always and forever, I still believe.

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