My Date

My Date

So I met this girl on Monday and we agreed to have a date the next day, She wasn’t really my type but I wanted to know if things could work out. She was really beautiful and well shaped. Her lips were pink with a nose that seemed like she was pointing a finger at me. Her legs were slender as though they would break while she walked. Her eyes were like a flaming dart that seemed to pierce through my very heart. Her voice seemed like her wind pipe was specially formed and she spoke like a goddess. I then got to notice those long dark hairs that looked as soft as cotton. All I could see was her beauty that I didn’t even notice her friends standing beside her.
My senses flooded back when her friends screamed ‘we’ll be there with her’.

How do you think it ended?

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I remember getting into the university as a young boy of seventeen, I felt so scared and didn’t want to associate myself with many people because I wasn’t used to too much publicity. I focused mostly on school work because my parents needed a first class. As a matter of fact, I knew I could do it. First year was easy, I had done most things taught there in my secondary school and most times, I didn’t even bother coming for lectures. I just preferred to study on my own and at my own time. First year ended successfully with a magnificent result. My parents were proud of me and I was also proud of myself.
When second year began, I noticed it was a different game altogether. I was in the medical line so I soon got to realize that it was unlike my first year when I was conversant with everything taught. Here I had to learn many things I had never heard of. I kept on believing in myself, I trusted myself because my parents trusted me. I studied hard but I did not really put in my best. So many distractions were around me but I tried to create little time for school work. Results were out and although I didn’t fail, I didn’t really like my grades. In fact, I was one of the best in my class but I needed something better.
We were now into our third year, I had already resolved strongly to put in my best this year. I did try my best but still I had other things taking my time. I was trying to get into business so I could reduce how often I called my parents for money. Though my dad had warned me strongly against this but I never heeded to his warnings. Results were soon out and I didn’t still fail but I knew I could have done better had I done my best.
Now in final year, I began to study endlessly with hope of matching up my grades so I would make a first class. I read unceasingly and eventually it got to be my best result in school but it didn’t match up enough to get me a first class. I lost my dream of becoming a first class graduate because I lacked focus.

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My Environment!

Ever ridden a bike at midnight when the air is free of both exhaust from cars and stench from decaying refuse?
Have you ever felt the calming nature of water as it ripples or flow past your legs? Ever enjoyed the serenity of being at the top of a tree? 

Then stop your friend, parents or children from dropping as little as that sweet wrap to the ground, save your environment else the disaster gets to your door step.


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Who you are to me.

Let us establish this I am not some girl that like it when u compliment me just because I complimented you ‘that is so fake’ and I am not one that will ask your name because you asked mine.
So here I am finding physics hard and I walk up to this guy ‘can you put me through this for a week?’ I asked quite politely that he didn’t notice I clearly omitted a salute. ‘sure, I would’ he said and that was how we began.

I tagged alongside him from that Monday and got put through even in the ‘yet to be taught’ future solutions that seemed difficult for me in the textbook, he asked for nothing but in my little way I did take him out for lunch letting him be more relaxed that he didn’t have a choice than to go on and on about himself when he noticed I was such a good listener.

It’s Friday and instead of a tutorial just before lunch he moves it to 4:30 and when we are done he suggest we have dinner together in Classics which I seconded.

Still on my meal and his crew comes in, surprisingly he introduces me as his friend, we get bored waiting for our ‘change’ so we get into a game of ‘truth or dare’, to be on the safe side I go for truth alone as I have nothing to hide and then came the question ‘Who is Dare to you?’ Dare had told me alot about himself that I didn’t even recall, he had taught me physics because it was just one of the few sacrifices I had to make for my education after which I may not even say ‘hi’ to him, he wasn’t even my course mate, we have been out a couple of times for launch but to me he was not the definition of a friend and although it may hurt him it was the truth so I answered after hanging my bag ready to leave ‘Dare is a Stranger to me.’

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What exactly do women want?

What exactly do women want?

I was walking down town to buy a cup of ice cream when I saw her, my childhood sweetheart. She didn’t see me so I tried to reach out, ‘Flora’ I shouted. She turned around and oohh….. It was like the heavens opened, She possessed this beauty that made my bones weaken. It had been six years since we last saw and I was surprised to notice that she still had this effect on me. She ran to me, hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheek. We began talking, we were getting well acquainted again. We exchanged numbers and booked a date for 7pm the next day.
The next day, we met at Halos eatery. I was a bit late as usual so she already paid for the food and drinks before I arrived. Again she was looking glamorous and all I wanted now was to take her into my arms. We talked, laughed, shared good memories and I could understand that our love was sparking up again. It was already late when we finished up our food and since my house was close by, We decided she will spend the night at my place. I began to harbor the thoughts of we making out again-I really longed for it.
We got to my house, took off our cloths and while she was bathing, I made the bed. I had my bath just after her and I soon joined her on the bed. Old time memories flooded my mind, she looked prettier than ever in the pajamas I had provided for her. I reached out to her lips and kissed her, slowly she responded with a deep kiss and soon we were interlocked in a sizzling round of s*x. I noticed she was still as sweet as ever and she still did it the same way. She loved to be in charge, like the grand commander in bedmatics.
Soon it was morning and time for her to leave, I reached out kissed her lips and asked her if we could meet again. She said she was travelling to see a friend but would be back the week after. I made sure to call her every day and I couldn’t just wait for her return. As a matter of fact no one does it like her. It was not long before she came back and again we met in my house and did our thing. She was beginning to enjoy it more and sometimes she even stayed all day in my house. I wasn’t bothered because I also loved what she had to offer.
After s*x one morning, she went into the bathroom to have her bath and I got hold of her phone, went to her inbox and shit….. She was planning a wedding all this while and she didn’t tell me. She kept on sleeping with me without telling me she belonged to someone else. I was already thinking we would be together again. How could she be so unfaithful to her man? When she came out, she noticed I had gone through her phone and she began to feel guilty. She told me she wanted to tell me but she didn’t have the heart to hurt me considering the fact that we were already having a good time. She asked me to forgive her, which I did but I couldn’t still understand why she was unfaithful to her would-be-husband.
So the big question is, why do women cheat in relationships?

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My first time on a bicycle

My first time on a bicycle


My first time on a bicycle.

…and he asked me if I could ride a bicycle, I said No.

I was 7 years old.

“Climb on” he waved towards the bicycle “I would push the bicycle so that it seems you are riding”

Elated I climbed on the bicycle, also a bit afraid that I would fall, but somehow… I trusted him. Why would I not? It’s not like he has not been riding for long.

He started out slowly… I clutched the handles… afraid. I kept looking back, trying to see what he was doing, just then I lost my grip. I fell hard on the ground and scraped my hands. The bruises bled. I wanted to stay there all day nursing my wound, feeling sorry for my self… I almost gave up.

But then…

Sad. he said ” don’t stay there all day, feeling sorry for your self, it wouldn’t help at all” . He beckoned towards the bicycle “come on get up!”

Still sniffling I stood up, dusted my clothes and made to climb the bicycle; but he stopped me and helped dust the side of my cloth that I wasn’t able to reach.

Then he smiled at me.

I felt loved… Like l could do anything that I ever wanted… that everything was going to be ok.
He pushed the bicycle, slowly… then faster and faster.

It was bliss… at some point I didn’t need to clutch at the bicycle handles anymore, so I threw my arms wide open.
and felt the wind rushed past my face.

All you have to do is to step out, you know… be proactive. Even when you feel you don’t have the capacity to do the things you want to do. Just do it. Like that story, trust in God. Don’t try to think or worry about how he is going to do it. That is not your job.

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If we are the only ones that have felt this way before then I guess I am from quite a strange family.
At a point in childhood you consider this feeling that your mother, father or even both are not your parents.
I had actually thought of running away once or twice due to this but I never did.
At about 8 years I am sure my younger brother also had the same feeling but unlike me, the young man packed his clothes into one of his bags, opened the gate and left as we watched bidding him farewell.
It took time although he still returned but then I learnt to respect men even when they are still boys😁 #such courage.

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  • Okay I really don’t know if you are one of those that watch a movie like a —–, dont worry I will compensate for your weakness.
    So I saw two movies (not the latest though) in one week and they both used the word ‘Gravatas’ don’t get confused by the spelling and the pronunciation of the whites please. Now the meaning in other word ( synonym) is ‘dignity’.
  • For instance;
  • She has gravatas like that of a queen.
    Dave has more gravatas than Evans.



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Accelerating health innovation in Africa

Accelerating health innovation in Africa

when we hear the word “innovation”, what we visualize is a nerdy looking person on a stage receiving an award for some mind blowing invention, with all the accompanying flashlight However innovation is all that and more; it is about finding new or improved way of doing things. It can be in the form of improving existing ideas, policies, systems. It can also be invention of new products like the Mhero ( a communication tool between health workers)

So what would we say health is? Health is the state of physical and mental well being of you and I. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are in perfect health.
But what if something goes wrong? That is we get sick or the lifestyle we live is not healthy enough. Who then comes in and advice or care for us? That is where the health care providers comes in and the process they deliver those services is termed “health care delivery” .
Africa unlike other continents seems to lag behind in terms of health care. Although we have our share of successes, there is on the rise well qualified health professionals and new health policies.

We also have our share of failures like the 2014 ebola outbreak in Liberia which spread to other countries like Nigeria etc the results were so fatal that its effect is still felt till today.
To accelerate innovation in health and health care delivery system in Africa, industrialization needs to play a major role particularly in the implementation of those innovations. Industrialization is simply part of a process where people adopt easier and cheaper ways to do or make things. Health sector in Africa has not fully opened its arms to the use of various technologies or has not fully maximize its potentials.One of the area in health sector which needs to take a quantum leap is primary health care.
Primary health care(PHC) which is majorly concerned with prevention, promotion and control of health; needs to adopt methods for better health care delivery system like in :

Firstly, promoting health messages through social media handles like Facebook, whatsapp etc. These messages should include healthy lifestyles like basic hand washing exercises, effects of smoking etc. These should be backed up by various organizations, ministry of health, churches, mosques etc. These could be very effective as 70% of people now spend time on social media than anywhere else especially the younger generation.
Also educating people on healthy practices by organizing seminars, workshops, community mobilization so that the public will be informed.Through these seminars or community mobilization some myths around vaccines and immunization will be debased; some believed that these vaccines could actually cause them disease instead of preventing it.

Secondly through establishing laws or policies that ensures that drugs dispensation get to the public that it was meant for. Some health care providers sell those drugs for their own profit gain.

Thirdly, public health care need a lot of funding in accomplishing it’s various projects. These funding could come from government ,ngos, big companies and also individuals. Public health care needs all the help it can get .

Finally, I feel that in as much that we concentrate on the major or obvious diseases like malaria, HIV etc. There are many prevalent disease that needs attention; disease like river blindness, elephantiasis- which most people in the rural areas attribute as caused by fetish medicine.
As Reuters/Finbarr O’Reilly said “Access is the greatest challenge to health care delivery in Africa ” I believe that health sector in Africa should embrace technology and innovation thereby making health services available to the public, Africa health care system will boom.

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Broken Desires

Broken Desires

When I was younger, my mum would say to me, ‘you’ll be a Doctor when you grow up’ and say to my brother, ‘you’ll be a Lawyer when you’re grown’. They made us believe life was easy. I began to imagine myself as a Doctor, I started to see patients lying around me, I even began to imagine all the wealth I will amass as a Doctor. I told my friends I will become a Doctor because Mummy said so and Mummy cannot be wrong. I felt Mummy knew everything, She was my GOD.
Primary education was easy as I didn’t even have to read, yet I came top of the class. With my hot brain, I got into one of best secondary schools in my vicinity still harboring the dream of becoming one of my Country’s best Doctors. Mummy still believed in me, She knew I was intelligent and she knew I was not going to let her down. I also loved her very much so I tried to put in my best at school. My Teachers knew me as the intelligent one, my principal used me as a point of reference for other students and it was just normal for pride to fill me. I also represented my school in so many competitions and I was getting popular across the state.
It was finally time for me to get into the university to study my dream course, Of course I was given admission without delay owing to my superb results and obviously Mummy’s influence. This was my first time away from home and I really felt lonely. I knew no one here, no friends, no familiar face and most importantly, no Mummy to peck me every morning. I adapted easily after meeting a few friends who were like minded. We studied together, played games together and spent almost every hour together.
My mother had already adopted the nickname ‘mama Doctor’ and she really felt proud of me. I was still bent on becoming what she always wanted me to be but it was becoming difficult. At this time, I was already receiving threats from cultists whose cult invitations I declined. The pressure was becoming too much but I didn’t want to tell Mum. I felt I was a man now and could handle this myself. I succeeded in keeping them away for some time until they learnt I had a soft spot for Amanda-a girl in my class.
Amanda began to receive death threats from them and it was only natural for me to begin considering their invitation. I knew it was too late to tell anyone because Amanda was already involved and I didn’t want them to hurt her. I had no choice again, we fixed a date for the initiation and finally I became one of them. I was just in my second year when all this happened. I began to smoke, drink, fornicate and I also visited home less often. It was easy to convince Mum that school work was taking much of my time so I could have more time with my gang.
In my final year, we got into a fight with another campus gang that resulted in a lot of bloodshed. I was lucky to have survived but unfortunately, after investigations by the school, my admission was terminated. It dawned on me what I had done to myself. I had wasted my life, I had let Mummy down, I had made her a laughing stock. I should have spoken when I had the chance to. I should have remembered that Mummy had a solution to everything.

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