She kept on calling my phone but I refused to pick up. I didn’t want to talk to her again. How could she have raised her hand against me? Didn’t she know I was grown up? I was just nineteen years old and I felt my mother shouldn’t have slapped me for any reason. I saw myself as an adult who had the right to do anything he wanted simply because I was in the university. My mum had asked me why I returned home late the previous day and I told her I had the right to come back home whenever I wanted. She angrily struck my cheek with her left. I began to challenge her but she just stood still and repeatedly reminded me how she carried me in her womb for nine months. I was already tired of hearing this crap so I just picked a few cloths and left to my friend’s house. I’ve been here for 12hours now and although I missed her, I wanted to make her understand that I’m no longer a child. Her unending calls were already getting me tired so I silenced my phone. An hour later, I checked my phone and I had 156 missed calls from her. I made to ignore her again but something struck me-Her persistence. No one had ever called me like this, not even my so called girlfriend. I got up, dressed up and went back home.

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Dating history.

I listened as she spoke on and on about all our course mate she had dated after school, my heart pondered because it seemed like she didn’t spare anyone, not the quiet nor the greedy ones. I wished to ask her if she knew anything about him but my heart wouldn’t take it if she had something to do with him too.
I tried to call his name but it got stuck in my throat..
‘I know you want to ask after Peter Nwosu, anyway he asked me out o but shey you liked him? You like him nah, so I refused’.
Surprisingly this didn’t even make me feel better as I knew I couldn’t even have nor keep him to myself even if he were still available. I was just not his type of lady.

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We humans are multicomplex beings. We can be so many things put together, i.e. we are gifted with inborn talents and also have the capability to acquire any ability we so desire.
One who is skilled or talented at innovating or creating or putting into existence a business idea that is not common into reality for the sole purpose of making profit.
One whom God has blessed with an uncommon goodwill like himself, that has taken it upon himself to give back with joy and not disdain to God what God has blessed him with through the kind gestures he shows to people around them without expecting any profit. All philanthropists should know that another valuable place to invest is in human life. For humans are undisputable, emotional beings that no matter how heart hardened a person is considered to be, He still has something that makes him feel emotional. i.e. to say, investing in one’s life is and can never be a mistake, for no matter what circumstance that person might have faced and therefore resolved harshly, when then treated nicely can never forget whom God has used to bless him.
Don’t forget, being an entrepreneur shouldn’t inhibit you from being a philanthropist if you have the calling. After all, philanthropy is not a profit motivated venture, but is a selfless service to God.
That you don’t have the gift of uncommon goodwill does not mean that you are not good or cannot do good, it simply means that you have a different call of duty.

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My sister, my love

My sister, my love

I remember how close we used to be, our bond was stronger than a deeply rooted plant,
We were a definition of perfect siblings.
Who would not envy us?
Who would not be attracted to two little kids always holding hands?
I thought nothing could separate us.
I thought we would be together forever until I came to realize that at a stage in a girl’s life, She abandons her loved ones and clings to another man she barely knows.
Though I feel like it should never be, but I can’t help it because I know it’s for the better.
I weep when I think of the fact that I would only see you once a while,
I cry when I remember how inseparable we were.
Though I know you must go but I wish you could stay longer.

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Sleep Paralysis.

It is past midnight, although it should be serene the life band still plays loudly from a bar few streets away from mine. I am trying to think of my future but my future doesn’t seem to want a place in my thoughts tonight. I try hard to picture what I want in life but my visions are blurred as I experience it again.

They call it the SLEEP PARALYSIS which is a temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking, some say it is a sign in psychiatric victims so I have been to the doctor a number of times yet no one understands.
It has gone beyond my being just paralysed, I am being strangled by shadows and they say I imagine things.
It is not my mind going insane, it is all of me and believe it or not this is more spiritual than physical- I am going spiritual…

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A Piece Of My Mind.

I would like to say that there are two sides to every man. A side that can be loyal if treated right and a side that can be a monster if need be. I am that kind of guy that would remain loyal even when you stab me from behind. I know how to love even when it hurts, I know how to be fair even when you remain unfair to me. I know how to remain faithful until am completely broken.
I may not be perfect because perfection is only meant for GOD, but I know that I’ll never deliberately hurt someone. I hate to learn that I was the reason for someone’s tears, I hate to hear someone speak ill behind me for no just reason. Also I hate it when my loyalty seems like stupidity to persons who do not really know me.
I would also like to establish that there is another side to what I can be. I may be loyal but to a limit. I may be a sweet lover until am betrayed. So basically, when you have a friend as loyal as me, hold him dear to your heart.

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I miss you!

I miss you!

Hello! Come back to me, friend.
I’m that one friend that never leaves
I’m so into you that I hang on your every word
Don’t you know?
What happened to us, friend?
Why do you keep twisting that knife?
Aargh! I’m bleeding

Why do you keep chasing after shadows, huh?
I’m here, you know.
I know that dream, that passion of yours
I want the best for you
why do you keep hiding?

Didn’t I tell you,that I love you?
But why do you go begging for love…huh, tell me?
Then you come back bruised and in worst shape
Can’t you see! I love you

Come back! I miss you

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She kept on reminding me that we weren’t married and I didn’t have any rights to restrict her movements. I knew she was right anyway but my jealous nature would not let me give her the space she needed. I felt I loved her too much and didn’t want to share her with someone else. I was being overly protective and she hated it. She hated it when I called her phone repeatedly, she hated it when I asked questions about other guys and most especially she hated the authority I wanted to possess over her.
I wasn’t really happy with all these but I had to live with it because I felt I couldn’t live without her, anyway that’s what love does to you. Sometimes I contemplated ending the relationship but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I kept on enduring hoping things would get better but there never did. I knew she wasn’t in fact wrong but I felt she should have understood that I did all these out of love.

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My big mouth

My big mouth

Those Nepa people disconnected our light and unlike before we did nothing, unknown to them we were just waiting for them to LEAVE so we will get the electricians to connect it back.

Towards evening, my cousin was sent to call one of the electricians. Sadly while crossing the road, GBAM! a speeding okada knocked him down. With our apartment facing towards the road, I along with my family had no choice but to witness it all.

We stood at our balcony, transfixed, it felt like we were watching those nollywood movies. People were shouting and most were not offering any help.

Amidst chaos my cousin was rushed to the hospital.
Then it dawned on us.
Mum ran out, obviously , to know where they were taking him. I had never seen her panick.

Dad had travelled a day earlier

I never thought something bad could happen to me or anyone related to me.
I was very young then
I did not know what came over me, I snapped. I became angry not at myself but at the situation.
I was angry at Satan

Sniffling but all the same furious I blurted out

“Satan if you are not afraid come out ”

People were living above and below us , my voice was loud and they would have heard every bit of my childish outburst.

Such impetus…

“Satan if you are not afraid, COME OUT here now! ”

My sister and brother who were five and six years then, stared at me like I was crazy or even possessed.
Even now, I wonder if I was crazy. What if satan had listened and said “what the heck! ” and materialized in front of me, what would I have done?

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Office of Opportunity.

Opportunity needed to get to Skill but Skill’s line was switched off. He had earlier told Information his secretary to inform Skill of the interview but Information was just now telling him that the message didn’t get to Skill.
The board of directors were conducting the interview in a hall when Available entered the reception all looking dressed up and bold.
‘What can I do for you’ Information asked not recognising him
‘I have been here four times this week, may I see the Manager Opportunity please?’
‘Oh okay… Available right?’ Available nodded ‘fine I will inform the Manager’.
‘Available is here to see you Sir, he has been here four times this week’, Information said over the phone
‘who the hell is Available? anyway let him in’.

‘So what can I do for you? Opportunity asked after Available was seated.
‘Sir I am here rather to say what I can do for you and your company’
‘Then You should not be here, ask Information direction to the interview hall’.

‘But we are not interviewing for a technologist’, one of the Director said and others nodded in affirmation.
‘From  the information I gathered you will be acquiring a new technological device which I can set up for a lesser amount you would pay anyone else if only you employ me as a full staff to personally operate and maintain the device’.

Available walked out smiling, he got the job.. ‘Don’t wait for Opportunity’ he said ‘Go find him’.


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