She cries and her consolers promise a better tomorrow.

The gonif walks the street today, I wouldn’t need to do the same tomorrow he says.

Tied to her back is her hungry child, she refuse to let go for tomorrow he becomes her hero.

He is weak tonight so I await to settle our differences tomorrow.

She sleeps over it, there is still time she says to correct her mistakes tomorrow.

But what if… tomorrow never comes?

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The change makers

The change makers

Do you want to change the world? But, You don’t know where to start, right?

You are not alone. Most, are in the same situation.

We are not to remain in one place, just wishing or day dreaming for things that might be.

For us to be the change we want to be either in our family, society or even for ourselves. We need to start somewhere being the change makers.

One of the problems we face is that we are waiting for one big idea or that special time to start, but there is no special time.

Changing the world involves starting to solve the small problems around you. It can be to solve that waste management problem in your street. It also involves developing ourselves personally by taking leadership courses and sharpening and learning new skills knowing fully well that we weren’t created for ourselves alone, that people around us are waiting for us.

It involves us stepping out of our comfort zones and doing the things that scares us.

Remember, there are millions of opportunities around us that aren’t there for youths back then.

So start somewhere to change the world around you, when you do and I do, then the next person do. Changing the world will be possible.

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It involves us all

It involves us all

“Omo! this country is something else” the driver said, sharply swerving the bus to avoid pothole.

“Imagine the news on , that someone high up in the government carted away with a huge amount of money.

“Bunch of useless leaders! ” said the bearded young man punching his fist in the air to make his point.

Ducking her head to avoid being hit by the young man, Ada murmured about people who wouldn’t keep their hands in one place while they talked.
Passengers hmmed and ahhed in disapproval about the way the country is heading to.

They stopped at a police check point, the driver fished out a crumpled naira notes and discreetly handed it to the gun-toting policeman,who then allowed them to continue their journey.

Throwing the last bit of popcorn in her mouth, Ada crumpled the popcorn wrapper and threw it outside, through the window.
Turning to the young man beside her she said “give me the nylon make I help you throw away am”

We all are as guilty, in one way or the other as the people we accuse of corruption .

Individually, we should do our bit to make our society much more better.
Complaining wouldn’t make us better.

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She loves me endlessly

When I was broken, she alone was there for me.
She comforted me, made me feel loved,
She made me smile even to the detriment of her own happiness,
She was there for me during those dark times.
How can I forget her sacrifices?
She had her body deformed just for the sake of me,
Her nipples bled so I could live,
She starved herself so I could feed.
Sometimes I made her cry but she never gave up on me.
She loved me to the moon and back.
Comment someone who loves you this much.

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I was at the park waiting for our bus to get filled, sitting close to me was a young guy of about my age. We got talking just to kill time since our bus was not even half filled. I told him I was going to Lagos to spend the holiday with my aunt and that it was my first time travelling out of home. He seemed to have travelled much around the country, He told me about Lagos, how I needed to ‘shine my eyes’, told me of those street guys popularly called ‘agbero’ and also about the unending traffic congestions.
We were still having our little chat when a well-dressed, middle aged man walked up to me. He was carrying a heap of books and some brown envelops. At the top of his voice, he kept shouting ‘buy my secrets of money doubling and become a millionaire in five days’. I tried to ignore him but his persistent screams drew my attention. I called him and asked him how it worked, He told me to just buy a book from him, put all the money I wanted to double in an envelope he would give to me and by the time I finished reading the book, my money would have doubled. It sounded too good to be true but I was bent on giving it a trial. Amidst all the dissuasions from the guy sitting beside me, I bought the book. I took out all the money I had on me and put in the envelope. By then the bus was filled, so we zoomed off.
Throughout our journey, I didn’t utter a word, I needed to finish up the book I bought so that my money would be doubled. I successfully finished up the book towards the end of our journey and when I reached out for my pocket…………. It wasn’t there, I could neither find my money nor the envelope. I just sat dumbfounded as tears gathered in my eyes.

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I don’t like jollof rice

I don’t like jollof rice

I don’t get why Nigerians are so obsessed with jollof rice, that it would lead to fights and a whole lot of jollof-induced debates.

Jollof brings up bad memories, because I could remember mama going to iya tomisin to borrow four cups of rice, two smallie onions and crayfish with more chaff on it than actual crayfish. Even though I saw bundles of money in papa’s drawer while cleaning.

I remember, because I was the one to pound stuffs. The one to watch mama wait for the palm oil to bleach and also the one that have to run out of the kitchen because I was choking on smoke.

I can also remember mama’s evil stare daring me to remain any food, as I spooned mountain of onion-bleached oil- tasting rice down my throat.

Don’t force me to like jollof rice because it was on one of those days that papa came home with the tall bosom aunty.

I overhead mama telling her best friend, ma buchi, that she suspect tall Aunty’s boobs to be only bra foam. They thought I didn’t hear.

It was also on the days we cooked jollof rice that mama would sneak into my room. I would feel my bed dip because of her weight, then she would carefully lay down beside me thinking that i’m asleep. I’m not.

I would wait 10secs before I feel her body shake in silent sobs.

I hate…no, mama said I should not use the word “hate” that it’s too strong a word.

So, I dislike jollof rice.

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Standing on bare feet, about to be condemned,

My soul cried out to her whom my heart longed for,

Her tender smile made my heart leap,

Those brilliant eyes made my soul rejoice,

I longed for her at this last hour but her heart was with another.

I called out to her but she heard me not,

Reached out but she walked past me.

I stood broken because only her love could redeem me.

Now I’ll be condemned for a one-sided love.

My soul will know peace because at least I loved,

She was just too blind to see how much I did.


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Her story.

Uche returned from work and met his neighbors children playing outside. As they welcomed him he apologized for not buying anything for them but as he got to the door he seemed to have changed his mind as he called, ‘Tosin, come and buy biscuits for your people’. As others followed behind he stopped them at the door. ‘see your legs are dirty so stay outside, only Tosin’s own is clean so the rest of you go and play, oya Tosin come in and take the money’.

‘So have you started menstruating? Uche asked the 11 year old girl as they got into his parlor and from her confused look he rephrased the question. ‘ have blood ever come out of your nyash?’ as Tosin opened her mind to answer she recalled what her mom had told her ‘Don’t let anyone know you have started seeing it o, if you do you will get pregnant’ then she answered ‘No’ and he raped her.

Oluchi saw what transpired outside from her room window, she was to pick beans so she came out to do it along side cooling off her sweaty body when Uche came out of his apartment.
‘Ah wey Tosin’ she asked,
‘She said she wanted to go to toilet so she is in the toilet’.
‘Ah this children don know you finish o’, she said discerning what must have happened inside.
‘Na so e suppose be now’. Uche said and walked back in.
Few weeks later and Tosin is confirmed pregnant.

Our children are taught long division and some even number line in primary school and their brain can carry it, why is it that when it comes to explaining things to them about maturity and sex we feel they are too small to understand?. Although our community have become more like a mind your own business field, do not forget that you will be held responsible in a high Court someday for wrong things you were to avert and didn’t.

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Wahala dey!

Wahala dey!

Since yesterday, my head feels like two women are alternatively pounding fufu on it, I had drank panadol it still refuse to stop.

So my friend called On Monday to inform me that the state is giving out grants for willing entrepreneurs.

Na so I rejoiced, who doesn’t like awoof thing?

The next day, I went with Ada to the community bank to fill out forms, on reaching, people where few.

Turning to Ada, I said ”e be like say this thing go favour us oo ! ”

” God I thank you, I dey throw away cap for you’ I said to myself

With the ac on full blast, we sat down to fill the form,Ada was sitting opposite me.

I filled that I wanted to start poultry business, because I’m experienced, my parents were poultry farmers. I also filled that I want #350,000 to start it. I figured that I won’t pay back it, and I’m not that greedy.

I look up to see if Ada has finished, and she had. I signalled for her to stand up let’s submit it together.

This place dey too tush for me abeg

She refused to interpret, she was afraid.

As a good friend, considering that she was the one that brought this opportunity.

I stood up and angrily snatched her own form… then matched to the office.

Wetin the man fit do me sef

I forgot about the whole grant stuff till yesterday they called me to come and collect the approved laminated form. I didn’t study the form I was given till I reached home.

”Blood of Zaccaria! What the…” I shouted staring dumbfounded at the form.

The money approved for me was #15million instead of #350,000 and I was to receive the alert by Monday next week

”This people na wayoo! This thing no fit be free money, this one they choose #15million for me!”

“Let me look for dictionary, wetin be grant sef! They want me to pay them back this money”

I started looking for the meaning of grant, the ones I saw didn’t satisfy me…I kept looking till I saw ‘loan’ at the end of the line.

”Hey eeeh! I said it, this thing can’t be free’ I said in hysterics

I dailed Ada, she picked on first ring.

”Ada! this people gave me #15 million instead of the amount I wrote”

“If I sell all my clothes e no reach #100k sef” I yelled, not even giving her the chance to talk

After getting the whole gist Ada, started laughing at me till I threatened to cut the call.

”This girl! this na free joor, one woman I know, dey pay am”
“they even gave her 3.5 million” she said between laughter

But… Something fishy is going on, how can they give someone that amount of money in this Nigeria?

So, since yesterday I have been thinking… For Money wey I never see.

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Impromptu meeting

Impromptu meeting

It happened last night… Mama and papa had an impromptu meeting and I joined them.

The meeting was at the veranda ,with our bench overlooking the compound; where papa’s latest toy, his car, was parked. Also where our neighbor’s clothes which were spread on the clothe lines swayed with the cool breeze.

Mama never allowed us to spread our clothes outside, even if the place to hang them is filled up, she will instruct us to spread them on the doors instead, that don’t we know that bad people could cut out a tiny piece of our cloth such that we will not even notice, and use it for juju. My brother and I always wonder why the devil had not done so with our neighbor’s.

So while my brother snored on last night, I sat with mama and papa at the veranda and wondered what the meeting will be about. But I did not wonder for long.

Surprisingly, they talked about me.

They seldom do, whatever decision they made was on the spot, no argument .

They talked about my studies and how I have been messing up. My D’s and E’s and F’s.

Papa’s squeezed his face so tight liked a sucked orange and I made myself smaller.

You see, I wanted to study Zoology but they insisted on nursing. I love animals, am obsessed with them.

“why could she not do this one thing we asked for ” papa said with pain

“Everything I do is for them”

“After her study, I could make it possible for her to practise abroad”

All mama did was hmmed and ahhed. she said that I was “Nwa siri owelle baa nne ya n’afo- which means that I was the child that always give her headache.

I raised my hand to talk, but they did not notice .

I wanted to tell them that I had lost count of how many cups of coffee I took to stay awake. That I had crammed a lot. But I still failed.

That I could not watch my course mates go to another level.

So I quit.

That I bought “tusa tusa”- insecticide from the shop in front of our lodge. I mixed it with juice, because I could not stand the bitterness. I gulped it down.

That the next call would be to tell them that I died three hours earlier.

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