Once Upon my love

Once upon a time, I fell in love,
How sweet was the feeling of being loved,
Indeed she treated me like a King whose kingdom possessed the purest of diamonds.
Our sweet love was never going to end I said to myself,
We are always and forever, she said to herself.
I called her my Princess, She called me her prince,
I called her my queen, She called me her King.
And our love grew as time flew.

Days turned to months and months to years, Yet we persisted,
We had learnt to live with the wagging tongues around,
After all they never wanted us to be,
Our love kept on but the bonds were loosening,
What was wrong with us?
Was I becoming boring or was I loving her less?
Was she falling out of love with me?
And our love weakened as time flew.

My bones felt weak, my heart ached, I wasn’t gonna let this love die,
We still shared love but boredom crept in.
We began to spend less time together,
We spoke less on phone and quarrelled often,
Our love was beginning to fall apart but only one thing held us together.
I hope it holds us together for eternity.
We are always and forever, I still believe.

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