Office of Opportunity.

Opportunity needed to get to Skill but Skill’s line was switched off. He had earlier told Information his secretary to inform Skill of the interview but Information was just now telling him that the message didn’t get to Skill.
The board of directors were conducting the interview in a hall when Available entered the reception all looking dressed up and bold.
‘What can I do for you’ Information asked not recognising him
‘I have been here four times this week, may I see the Manager Opportunity please?’
‘Oh okay… Available right?’ Available nodded ‘fine I will inform the Manager’.
‘Available is here to see you Sir, he has been here four times this week’, Information said over the phone
‘who the hell is Available? anyway let him in’.

‘So what can I do for you? Opportunity asked after Available was seated.
‘Sir I am here rather to say what I can do for you and your company’
‘Then You should not be here, ask Information direction to the interview hall’.

‘But we are not interviewing for a technologist’, one of the Director said and others nodded in affirmation.
‘From¬† the information I gathered you will be acquiring a new technological device which I can set up for a lesser amount you would pay anyone else if only you employ me as a full staff to personally operate and maintain the device’.

Available walked out smiling, he got the job.. ‘Don’t wait for Opportunity’¬†he said ‘Go find him’.


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