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We got talking in the bus, obviously that was just what he wanted or maybe… something more. I just had to act like I didn’t notice him while keeping that smile on my face. He had scanned the faces of other passengers and found me worthy of keeping him out of boredom till we got to our destination so he took a seat beside me.

Of cause I nailed the well built fair guy, so while we drew close to going our separate ways he says ‘Let me drop you off at your street, my driver would be coming’, an offer I pretended not to want because he looked so cute trying to persuade me.

Quite weird the driver is a lady with hair tucked into an obviously large face cap, I ignore her and I am seated at the back seat with him when he persuades me again for my number.

Of cause I had given him my number just before i got to my street and as I stepped out the car to say ‘It was nice meeting you handsome’ he leans over and within seconds her cap is off as he kisses her, ‘I decided to come get you myself’ the lady says in between the kisses of my new crush lips.

As they broke the kiss lock and key my eyes are fixed on this lady as I just realized how beautiful she is. ‘you know I am married right’ he said proudly displaying the ring on his finger which I never noticed before now. ‘now meet my wife’.Hmm I couldn’t pretend to be happy, i just had to walked away.


Know me, love me.😉

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