A true definition of love and affection, my truest friend and a blessing beyond words. Someone who gave me the privilege to live through pain and joy. A beautiful soul that could exceed any length just to give the little version of her the best life he deserves. Someone whose smiles take away my sad moments, my biggest blessing and in you I truly saw the meaning of love. She taught me how to live and love and ordered my first steps as an infant. Someone whose name were the first word I said and also someone who feed her little parasite with undeniable love and smiles. A virtuous woman who wakes up at midnight and goes to her knees interceeding on my behalf while I sleep and snore. Someone I shared a bond with right from the womb, even though the cord is cut off, the bond still stays and waxes stronger by day. Am so grateful for everything you have done, for the delicious meal you prepared, the joy you brought, the smiles we shared and for being my strong hold in the days of my weakness. Words are not enough to describe your worth, you are the sunshine to my soul, you bring peace and joy. Dear mother, you are the greatest miracle of all time.



Really touching

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