I was at the park waiting for our bus to get filled, sitting close to me was a young guy of about my age. We got talking just to kill time since our bus was not even half filled. I told him I was going to Lagos to spend the holiday with my aunt and that it was my first time travelling out of home. He seemed to have travelled much around the country, He told me about Lagos, how I needed to ‘shine my eyes’, told me of those street guys popularly called ‘agbero’ and also about the unending traffic congestions.
We were still having our little chat when a well-dressed, middle aged man walked up to me. He was carrying a heap of books and some brown envelops. At the top of his voice, he kept shouting ‘buy my secrets of money doubling and become a millionaire in five days’. I tried to ignore him but his persistent screams drew my attention. I called him and asked him how it worked, He told me to just buy a book from him, put all the money I wanted to double in an envelope he would give to me and by the time I finished reading the book, my money would have doubled. It sounded too good to be true but I was bent on giving it a trial. Amidst all the dissuasions from the guy sitting beside me, I bought the book. I took out all the money I had on me and put in the envelope. By then the bus was filled, so we zoomed off.
Throughout our journey, I didn’t utter a word, I needed to finish up the book I bought so that my money would be doubled. I successfully finished up the book towards the end of our journey and when I reached out for my pocket…………. It wasn’t there, I could neither find my money nor the envelope. I just sat dumbfounded as tears gathered in my eyes.

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