Me Next.

They took off his eyes ‘just a taste’, They said taking turns to lick the fluid and blood that came off with it.
I didn’t believe I was actually watching this, eyes transfixed, heart throbbing so fast I felt my entire body was nothing but a heart.

I  need to get out of here but I am too traumatised. The heat of the fire burns my skin like I am already in it, wondering how they survive staying closer to it I almost forget my predicament.They have become quite busy with Kent and this was my only chance, so I chew on the rope used to bind my arms, It cuts deep and gets my left hand dangling held by just bone and a meager, following the strands as they cut is my teeth.
My legs ain’t tied, they are put into a bucket just perfect to hold them close together, but this wouldn’t be difficult to slip off from quietly- or so I thought.
Being quiet wasn’t that easy with just one hand so as I slipped out bucket the noise called for their attention putting me in a race with a death penalty if I be caught.
Two if the cannibals chase me and although I have no strength I run like I have an extra strength stored up specifically for this.
Wait a minute! I am back to the spot I took off from, I can see the fire, I can see as they dig into Kent like his organs are chocolate coated.
As I stand before Kent I know he is all gone. I guess I am next as their hand get a hold of me.

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