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“Omo! this country is something else” the driver said, sharply swerving the bus to avoid pothole.

“Imagine the news on , that someone high up in the government carted away with a huge amount of money.

“Bunch of useless leaders! ” said the bearded young man punching his fist in the air to make his point.

Ducking her head to avoid being hit by the young man, Ada murmured about people who wouldn’t keep their hands in one place while they talked.
Passengers hmmed and ahhed in disapproval about the way the country is heading to.

They stopped at a police check point, the driver fished out a crumpled naira notes and discreetly handed it to the gun-toting policeman,who then allowed them to continue their journey.

Throwing the last bit of popcorn in her mouth, Ada crumpled the popcorn wrapper and threw it outside, through the window.
Turning to the young man beside her she said “give me the nylon make I help you throw away am”

We all are as guilty, in one way or the other as the people we accuse of corruption .

Individually, we should do our bit to make our society much more better.
Complaining wouldn’t make us better.

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