Her story.

Uche returned from work and met his neighbors children playing outside. As they welcomed him he apologized for not buying anything for them but as he got to the door he seemed to have changed his mind as he called, ‘Tosin, come and buy biscuits for your people’. As others followed behind he stopped them at the door. ‘see your legs are dirty so stay outside, only Tosin’s own is clean so the rest of you go and play, oya Tosin come in and take the money’.

‘So have you started menstruating? Uche asked the 11 year old girl as they got into his parlor and from her confused look he rephrased the question. ‘ have blood ever come out of your nyash?’ as Tosin opened her mind to answer she recalled what her mom had told her ‘Don’t let anyone know you have started seeing it o, if you do you will get pregnant’ then she answered ‘No’ and he raped her.

Oluchi saw what transpired outside from her room window, she was to pick beans so she came out to do it along side cooling off her sweaty body when Uche came out of his apartment.
‘Ah wey Tosin’ she asked,
‘She said she wanted to go to toilet so she is in the toilet’.
‘Ah this children don know you finish o’, she said discerning what must have happened inside.
‘Na so e suppose be now’. Uche said and walked back in.
Few weeks later and Tosin is confirmed pregnant.

Our children are taught long division and some even number line in primary school and their brain can carry it, why is it that when it comes to explaining things to them about maturity and sex we feel they are too small to understand?. Although our community have become more like a mind your own business field, do not forget that you will be held responsible in a high Court someday for wrong things you were to avert and didn’t.

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Sexual abuse is becoming the order of the day in recent times

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