God favours whom he choses

It was a bright Saturday morning and I was just preparing for my morning exercise, I do this everyday because I thought I needed to keep fit for the ladies. I was just done wiping my trainers and was about to set off when I saw him, a little boy of about seven years with a rusted blue tray filled with groundnut. From what I saw, he was setting out for his daily business. I made to ignore him and continue with my exercise, then I thought to myself ‘for God’s sake the time was just 06:23. It was obviously too early for this little boy to hawk the street’. I decided to speak to him, to know why he had to be up so early hawking ground nuts.
With eyes filled with tears and lips torn from the harsh weather, he told me his story. His father had died before he was born and he had lost his mum two years ago. Since then, he had lived with his aunty who accepted to take care of him after his mum’s death. He told me how she had been nice to him when his mum was alive and how she became a monster after his mum gave up the ghost. He had thought life would be fun in her hands-for God’s sake she was his favourite aunty but reality dawned on him the day he came to live with her.
He told me how hawking had become his daily routine and how watching other children go to school everyday made him cry. She promised him a good life but all he got was disappointments. He told me of how he had to lie to his grand parents to cover up the fact that all he does now is hawk the streets when all her kids went to good schools. I felt speechless, How could life be this cruel? For all I know, this little boy didn’t deserve any of these. He had done nothing wrong but misfortune had befallen him in this wicked manner. I thought of a way to help but decided to let him go after buying all the groundnuts in his tray. Of cause I knew it wasn’t enough, but I also knew his life was none of my business and I just had to keep my opinion to myself.
I stood still watching the little boy leave my sight, overjoyed that he would at least have a day to rest and play like his fellow kids. I felt like I should have done more for him but I just didn’t know what to do. I had rendered the little help I could, though am not too spiritual but I will also remember him in prayers whenever I have the time to pray because for now I had to return back to my morning exercise. I looked at the time and shit… It was 07:29. I just remembered I needed to go see one of my girlfriends, I was going to have fun when my little friend endured so much suffering. I looked up to the sky and thanked God for this undeserved favour.

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