Know me, love me.😉
Know me, love me.😉

Me Next.

They took off his eyes ‘just a taste’, They said taking turns to lick the fluid and blood that came off with it.
I didn’t believe I was actually watching this, eyes transfixed, heart throbbing so fast I felt my entire body was nothing but a heart.

I  need to get out of here but I am too traumatised. The heat of the fire burns my skin like I am already in it, wondering how they survive staying closer to it I almost forget my predicament.They have become quite busy with Kent and this was my only chance, so I chew on the rope used to bind my arms, It cuts deep and gets my left hand dangling held by just bone and a meager, following the strands as they cut is my teeth.
My legs ain’t tied, they are put into a bucket just perfect to hold them close together, but this wouldn’t be difficult to slip off from quietly- or so I thought.
Being quiet wasn’t that easy with just one hand so as I slipped out bucket the noise called for their attention putting me in a race with a death penalty if I be caught.
Two if the cannibals chase me and although I have no strength I run like I have an extra strength stored up specifically for this.
Wait a minute! I am back to the spot I took off from, I can see the fire, I can see as they dig into Kent like his organs are chocolate coated.
As I stand before Kent I know he is all gone. I guess I am next as their hand get a hold of me.

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She cries and her consolers promise a better tomorrow.

The gonif walks the street today, I wouldn’t need to do the same tomorrow he says.

Tied to her back is her hungry child, she refuse to let go for tomorrow he becomes her hero.

He is weak tonight so I await to settle our differences tomorrow.

She sleeps over it, there is still time she says to correct her mistakes tomorrow.

But what if… tomorrow never comes?

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Her story.

Uche returned from work and met his neighbors children playing outside. As they welcomed him he apologized for not buying anything for them but as he got to the door he seemed to have changed his mind as he called, ‘Tosin, come and buy biscuits for your people’. As others followed behind he stopped them at the door. ‘see your legs are dirty so stay outside, only Tosin’s own is clean so the rest of you go and play, oya Tosin come in and take the money’.

‘So have you started menstruating? Uche asked the 11 year old girl as they got into his parlor and from her confused look he rephrased the question. ‘ have blood ever come out of your nyash?’ as Tosin opened her mind to answer she recalled what her mom had told her ‘Don’t let anyone know you have started seeing it o, if you do you will get pregnant’ then she answered ‘No’ and he raped her.

Oluchi saw what transpired outside from her room window, she was to pick beans so she came out to do it along side cooling off her sweaty body when Uche came out of his apartment.
‘Ah wey Tosin’ she asked,
‘She said she wanted to go to toilet so she is in the toilet’.
‘Ah this children don know you finish o’, she said discerning what must have happened inside.
‘Na so e suppose be now’. Uche said and walked back in.
Few weeks later and Tosin is confirmed pregnant.

Our children are taught long division and some even number line in primary school and their brain can carry it, why is it that when it comes to explaining things to them about maturity and sex we feel they are too small to understand?. Although our community have become more like a mind your own business field, do not forget that you will be held responsible in a high Court someday for wrong things you were to avert and didn’t.

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Dating history.

I listened as she spoke on and on about all our course mate she had dated after school, my heart pondered because it seemed like she didn’t spare anyone, not the quiet nor the greedy ones. I wished to ask her if she knew anything about him but my heart wouldn’t take it if she had something to do with him too.
I tried to call his name but it got stuck in my throat..
‘I know you want to ask after Peter Nwosu, anyway he asked me out o but shey you liked him? You like him nah, so I refused’.
Surprisingly this didn’t even make me feel better as I knew I couldn’t even have nor keep him to myself even if he were still available. I was just not his type of lady.

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Sleep Paralysis.

It is past midnight, although it should be serene the life band still plays loudly from a bar few streets away from mine. I am trying to think of my future but my future doesn’t seem to want a place in my thoughts tonight. I try hard to picture what I want in life but my visions are blurred as I experience it again.

They call it the SLEEP PARALYSIS which is a temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking, some say it is a sign in psychiatric victims so I have been to the doctor a number of times yet no one understands.
It has gone beyond my being just paralysed, I am being strangled by shadows and they say I imagine things.
It is not my mind going insane, it is all of me and believe it or not this is more spiritual than physical- I am going spiritual…

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Office of Opportunity.

Opportunity needed to get to Skill but Skill’s line was switched off. He had earlier told Information his secretary to inform Skill of the interview but Information was just now telling him that the message didn’t get to Skill.
The board of directors were conducting the interview in a hall when Available entered the reception all looking dressed up and bold.
‘What can I do for you’ Information asked not recognising him
‘I have been here four times this week, may I see the Manager Opportunity please?’
‘Oh okay… Available right?’ Available nodded ‘fine I will inform the Manager’.
‘Available is here to see you Sir, he has been here four times this week’, Information said over the phone
‘who the hell is Available? anyway let him in’.

‘So what can I do for you? Opportunity asked after Available was seated.
‘Sir I am here rather to say what I can do for you and your company’
‘Then You should not be here, ask Information direction to the interview hall’.

‘But we are not interviewing for a technologist’, one of the Director said and others nodded in affirmation.
‘From  the information I gathered you will be acquiring a new technological device which I can set up for a lesser amount you would pay anyone else if only you employ me as a full staff to personally operate and maintain the device’.

Available walked out smiling, he got the job.. ‘Don’t wait for Opportunity’ he said ‘Go find him’.


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My Environment!

Ever ridden a bike at midnight when the air is free of both exhaust from cars and stench from decaying refuse?
Have you ever felt the calming nature of water as it ripples or flow past your legs? Ever enjoyed the serenity of being at the top of a tree? 

Then stop your friend, parents or children from dropping as little as that sweet wrap to the ground, save your environment else the disaster gets to your door step.


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Who you are to me.

Let us establish this I am not some girl that like it when u compliment me just because I complimented you ‘that is so fake’ and I am not one that will ask your name because you asked mine.
So here I am finding physics hard and I walk up to this guy ‘can you put me through this for a week?’ I asked quite politely that he didn’t notice I clearly omitted a salute. ‘sure, I would’ he said and that was how we began.

I tagged alongside him from that Monday and got put through even in the ‘yet to be taught’ future solutions that seemed difficult for me in the textbook, he asked for nothing but in my little way I did take him out for lunch letting him be more relaxed that he didn’t have a choice than to go on and on about himself when he noticed I was such a good listener.

It’s Friday and instead of a tutorial just before lunch he moves it to 4:30 and when we are done he suggest we have dinner together in Classics which I seconded.

Still on my meal and his crew comes in, surprisingly he introduces me as his friend, we get bored waiting for our ‘change’ so we get into a game of ‘truth or dare’, to be on the safe side I go for truth alone as I have nothing to hide and then came the question ‘Who is Dare to you?’ Dare had told me alot about himself that I didn’t even recall, he had taught me physics because it was just one of the few sacrifices I had to make for my education after which I may not even say ‘hi’ to him, he wasn’t even my course mate, we have been out a couple of times for launch but to me he was not the definition of a friend and although it may hurt him it was the truth so I answered after hanging my bag ready to leave ‘Dare is a Stranger to me.’

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If we are the only ones that have felt this way before then I guess I am from quite a strange family.
At a point in childhood you consider this feeling that your mother, father or even both are not your parents.
I had actually thought of running away once or twice due to this but I never did.
At about 8 years I am sure my younger brother also had the same feeling but unlike me, the young man packed his clothes into one of his bags, opened the gate and left as we watched bidding him farewell.
It took time although he still returned but then I learnt to respect men even when they are still boys😁 #such courage.

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