I don’t know why but it’s Saturday and although there are no activities I stroll to church.
The teenage department is usually more convenient so I take a turn heading towards the door to sit when I hear her sing the same song I had in my heart early this morning, she sounded quite funny humming the parts she didn’t know the lyrics to.
I just loved this little girl as I watched her sweep and arrange the chairs. If I told her I had the same song in mind I would seem like a flirt so I just played it for her via my phone. As she sang to it, my presence didn’t seem to make her shy as other children so I asked all I could about her, engaging the 16 year old in a conversation when the song had played twice.
Six years chasing my dreams and on the first day of my return to the city I am dragged to church by my group of friend. On entering the gate there she is moving out of the church. She recognises me quite well because her smile I could tell was from her hearts depth, but that was all I got from Aurora.
Is this a sign? Is she the one?


Another masterclass from uballet. I love your stories

Thanks You so much.

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