Armed Robbers

You know the enthusiasm and strength you rap with when someone ask ‘what will you do if-God forbid o, armed robbers were to visit your home and you are in the house?’
Anyway I have reminisced that over a hundred times from where I will hide and wait for them to the weapon I will use on them, but wait! now let me tell you what I am most likely to do from experience.
It was 2:45am when I heard mom’s room window squeak like it was being opened, it dawned on me that they must have torn the window net already, few minutes before this I had heard a sound like someone jumped into the compound and now this? I was alone that day as mom was on night duty, I picked my phone as I moved a little closer to mom’s room door to listen then it began.
My hands trembled and I found it difficult to even dial or search for any number, I was transfixed to a point shivering to the extent I urinated on myself and when at last I got though to call mom I didn’t even hear myself when I whispered ‘thieves are here’ and whatever it was mom said at the other end, I didn’t know. 30 minutes I still stood there scared and listening, waiting for the worst till mom’s call come in ‘It must have been the neighbors window’ she said and then I realised that indeed it was.
The next morning I noticed a coconut had fallen in our compound, the sound I must have first heard. Please if ever you ask me that question again capitalize on the ‘GOD FORBID’ because I don’t even want to encounter them ever…

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