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I would like to say that there are two sides to every man. A side that can be loyal if treated right and a side that can be a monster if need be. I am that kind of guy that would remain loyal even when you stab me from behind. I know how to love even when it hurts, I know how to be fair even when you remain unfair to me. I know how to remain faithful until am completely broken.
I may not be perfect because perfection is only meant for GOD, but I know that I’ll never deliberately hurt someone. I hate to learn that I was the reason for someone’s tears, I hate to hear someone speak ill behind me for no just reason. Also I hate it when my loyalty seems like stupidity to persons who do not really know me.
I would also like to establish that there is another side to what I can be. I may be loyal but to a limit. I may be a sweet lover until am betrayed. So basically, when you have a friend as loyal as me, hold him dear to your heart.

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